About Us

Owned and operated by Brandon and Amanda Wright, Chicago Brew Werks and Werk Force Brewing are driven by a true passion for craft beer and community. Chicago Brew Werks is a full service brewing supply shop with a retail location in Plainfield, IL and web orders ship nationally. We are proud to hold the the Midwest’s largest selection of malted grains and we are the exclusive hops dealer in Chicagoland for Hop Head Farms. From the first time homebrewer to the professional, find everything you need to take your beer to the next level at Chicago Brew Werks. With a foundation in homebrewing, Werk Force Brewing will produce unique batches created by outside-of-the-box thinking. Utilizing the extensive ingredient selection available at Chicago Brew Werks, Werk Force Brewing stays on the cusp of the industry by brewing with experimental hops and yeast strains. Currently, Werk Force beer is available at Chicago Brew Werks' Tap Room and soon draft beer will be available at craft beer destinations throughout the suburbs of Chicago.

Meet The Team

Brandon Wright / Owner
Favorite Style: All Of Them
Guru Of: Barrels

CBW "Idea Man" - we've come a long way from Brando's original concept, "Brando's House of Awesomeness" we're glad he narrowed his focus and stuck to home brewing supplies. His passion for brewing is contagious within the community and he's got great dance moves if you've ever seen them.

Amanda Wright / Co-Owner
Favorite Style: Wild Ales
Guru Of: Kombucha

CBW "Boss Lady" - Responsible for scheduling our events, classes and overall shop coordination. When Amanda is not buried behind her computer you'll see her roaming the shop or helping at the front counter - be sure to say hi - she's not as fierce as it may seem!

Steve Woertendyke
Favorite Style: Helles Lager
Guru Of: Brewing Good Beer for Werk Force Brewing

Steve has been home brewing since 1996 and professionally since 2010. When it comes to beer Steve knows...well let's just say...A LOT. We're proud to have Steve in the brewery making delicious brews for Werk Force. Steve also teaches our Learn to Brew - All Grain classes. If you're ready to make the leap from extract to all grain brewing be sure to sign up for one of his classes!!

Lisa Beck / Manager
Favorite Style: Ginger Ale
Guru Of: Queen B, Sass & Social Media

CBW "Queen B" - For a girl that doesn't drink it's pretty ironic that she landed here but through a spider web of happenings - thank goodness! Responsible for keeping all our projects on track, product ordering, social media entertainment, and overall helping with anything that our team needs to function!

Jake LaDuke
Favorite Style: The Funky Stuff
Guru Of: Dope Rhymes, Kung-Fu, & The Internets

Jake is our chameleon. Well not technically but you know what we mean. Not only does Jake rock out tech savvy projects at CBW he is also our assistant brewer at Werk Force Brewing. In addition to helping customers with recipes, serving beers at the bar and brewing, Jake teaches our Learn to Brew - Extract Brewing class - so if you want to see what brewing is all about be sure to sign up for his class!

Jake Scheuffler
Favorite Style: Wild
Guru Of: The Panini & Austin Powers Quotes

"Scheuf" - Don't let Jake's calm and quiet demeanor fool you - he is full of drive, a passion for all things funky/sour, is a ninja when it comes to putting together our CBW ingredient kits and also teaching some of our classes including Kegging 101 and Intro to Sours.

Jason Meehan
Favorite Style: Red IPAs
Guru Of: Extract Brewing

New to brewing or thinking about taking the plunge - Jason is your guy. Jason's calm demeanor and patience will help you through any intimidation you may feel. You can find Jason at the front counter or the tasting bar - he also loves giving tours so don't be shy!

Mike Anderson
Favorite Style: Amber ALe
Guru Of: Bagging Grain in Mike's No Talking Zone & Serving Beer



Don Butts
Favorite Style: IPA
Guru Of: Jam Bands, Golf, & The Night Life


David Ziebell
Favorite Style: Double IPA's
Guru Of: Survival Techniques and Back-Up Plans