Avangard Malz Premium Medium Caramel Malt (30L) - 55 LB

  • $104.99

Avangard Malz Premium Medium Caramel Malt (30L) - 55 LB Caramel malts are made of finest two-row spring barley grown in the most prominent regions such as Germany, France, Denmark and England. The Varieties in use are approved and well established in the country of origin. Caramel malt is produced on the kiln with three different colors. Due to the production process the enzymatic activities are reduced. A marked aroma is present; it is more intense with darker color. It can be used to attain slightly darker beer color together with a smooth aroma in case of light caramel malt. Dark caramel is typically used to obtain a darker color combined with a significant malty aroma and lower fermentability ending up in fullbodied and sweet malt aromatic beers. The medium color is in between these types. Typical usage is 5-30%. It can be used for all types of beers. Medium and dark are used for darker ales, Bavarian Dark Beer, Alt Beer, Dark Wheat Beer and Bock Beers. Color: 30°L