Blichmann BrewEasy - Turnkey Kit - 240V LTE VERSION - 5 Gallon G2

Blichmann BrewEasy - Turnkey Kit - 240V LTE VERSION - 5 Gallon G2

  • $2,049.99

Blichmann BrewEasy - Turnkey Kit - 240V LTE VERSION - 5 Gallon G2

The BrewEasy™ is a revolutionary new ultra-compact and economical all-grain brewing system. This patent pending system and process utilizes a two kettle recirculation infusion mash system called the Kettle-RIMS™ or K-RIMS™ process for short. This system is simple to use and is an approachable way to transition from extract to all-grain brewing. The BrewEasy™ provides all the simplicity of a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system, but eliminates the cloudy wort, messy lifting, and provides great consistent efficiency! Be sure to read through our manual (see the manual tab) to get all the details of the BrewEasy to see why this system may be the ticket for you!

Already a Blichmann Engineering BoilerMaker™ owner? Awesome! This product is modular in nature so you only buy what you need! Available in gas or electric versions! To make ordering as easy as the product, we've created BrewEasy™ turnkey systems! This is a great option for brewers just getting started that do not already own a Blichmann Engineering BoilerMaker™ kettles, a TOWER of POWER™ temperature control module, or a pump.

The list below shows all the items included as standard in a BrewEasy™ turnkey system. If you already have one or more of these components it is more economical to order your system "a-la-carte". Also shown is a list of optional items you may choose to add to your turnkey system. Be sure to read through the How to Buy tab first so you understand a bit more about how a BrewEasy™ all-grain brewing system is configured.

• BoilerMaker™ boil kettle (lower pot)
• BoilerMaker™ mash tun (upper pot)
• False bottom for mash tun
• AutoSparge™ for mash tun
• Adapter lid kit
• 240V BoilCoil™ electric heating element
• March 815 pump
• TOWER of POWER™ controller (gas or electric)
• TOWER LTE™ Control Module stand

• KettleKart™
• Therminator™ wort chiller and mounting bracket

*Note this is not a standard stocked item and is ordered direct from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.