Blichmann Tower of Power - Control Module - Gas

Blichmann Tower of Power - Control Module - Gas

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Blichmann Tower of Power - Control Module - Gas Control module for gas heat.

The TOWER of POWER™ temperature control module from Blichmann Engineering™ is like nothing on the market! This RIMS system temperature control module is high-quality and ultra-high accuracy! It also bears the Blichmann Engineering™ hallmark of simplicity! Offered in gas or electric, these controllers work in concert with our suite of equipment options to complete your Blichmann Engineering™ system or act as a freestanding control powerhouse! We have developed this modular control system in much the same way as our modular TopTier™ brewing stand — for adaptability and the ultimate in quality.

The gas TOWER of POWER™ control module includes the following features:

• Class A precision RTD temperature sensor. The sensor can be installed in BrewMometer™ hole in your kettle for an HLT or into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing

• Pilotless electronic ignition control system that adapts to any burner (natural gas or propane), not just those produced by Blichmann Engineering™. This ignitor will instantly relight your burner if blown out by a wind. It will also shut down your gas if a flame is not detected within 10 seconds and sound an alarm. It includes an industrial ignition electrode and high-quality silicone sheathed ignition wire.
• American-made gas solenoid valve (installs on your burner gas supply)
• Convenient cable storage tray in the back of the enclosure to neatly store wires between brew days
• Plumbing to connect the gas regulator to the burner
• Data port for optional remote monitoring and mash-profile programming (unlimited profiles) on your PC (Optional communication cable required)
• One decal for MASH and one for HLT for appropriate labeling
• Compact enclosure of 4.25"W, 7"H, 7"D that is easily integrated into your brew system
• Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder-coated case that will look beautiful for years


*Note this is not a standard stocked item and is ordered direct from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.