Electric Heater - 1000w

  • $64.95

Electric Heater - 1000w This unit is a great way to preheat your mash or sparge water to speed up your brew day! We like to use this in conjunction with a Ranco or Johnson temperature controller. Set your desired mash strike or hot liquor temperature on the controller, plug this electric heater in and let the controller turn the the heater off when the temperature is reached. Please note that this heater will not boil water in a five gallon batch. We also find it useful for heating water in a bucket or cooler where flame cannot be used. You can also use it to heat water in a bucket for cleaning with PBW. Add the PBW after the water is hot and you have removed the heater. This unit requires at least 6 inches submersed in water, with a maximum depth of 14 inches (the handle cannot be submerged). Runs off standard 115V power. Cord measures 6 ft in length. Unit measures 17 inches from the handle to the tip. Does not include clip for mounting. Please Note - Having electrical devices around liquid can be hazardous, and should not be left unattended. Please use caution while using this device, and read the instruction manual prior to use.