Lalvin QA23 Wine Yeast

Lalvin QA23 Wine Yeast

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Lalvin QA23 Wine Yeast 5 gram sachet suitable for up to 5 gallons of wine. QA23, selected on soil types from the area of the appelation of Vinhos Verdes in Portuga offers qualities of fermentive security bound to a weak demand in assimilable nitrogen and O2. Lalvin QA23 has low nutrient and oxygen requirements and it has been known to ferment juice at low temperatures (15C/59F) to dryness. QA23 is an excellent thiol converter making it a complementary yeast for developing varietal Sauvignon Blanc passion fruit character. It also produces large amounts of the enzyme beta-glucosidase during growth whch allows for the release of bound terpenes in aromatic varieties.

Fermentation Temperature: 59-89°F

Nitrogen Requirement: Low

Alcohol Tolerance: ~16%

Recommended Styles: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Chardonel, Gewürstraminer